Oriental Rug Restoration

Sun-Light Fine Rug Care & Restoration recognizes the value in gentle care. We determine our process by taking into consideration your rug's origin, period of craftsmanship, fiber content and dyes.

We begin our restoration process with detailed and careful rug cleaning

Optional and / or as needed:

1. Moth-proofing
Moth-proofing prevents one particular in the most typical threats for your rug. Even ahead of you are aware of their existence; moth larvae can silently ruin the wool fibers of one's rug and trigger intensive damage.

2. Applying a Stain Protector.
Utilizing an software derived from nature, the wool fibers are created to resist penetration of discoloring liquids, this kind of as wine and espresso.

3. Deodorizing and Sanitizing
A distinctive enzyme is utilized to remove pet odors and unsafe bacteria.

4. Repairs by Hand
If your  handmade area rugs need restoration, we will notify you immediately before we begin the hand wash cleaning process. Our experienced skilled artisans will mend edges, holes, tears, and fringe to their original glory.

5. Ultimate Inspection.
We keep the best specifications, so our inspection process is thorough. We don’t hesitate to repeat any actions that may be essential to give you the cleanest results as possible to your rug!

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Both exposure to direct sunlight and heavy traffic can cause color to fade in even the finest hand-made rugs. sunlight Oriental Rug Care & Restoration’s expert artisans are skilled in a complex process of color restoration that will enhance your rug’s overall appearance and guarantee it’s authentic look.

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Sun-Light Fine Rug Care & Restoration, weavers first prepare the appropriate yarn to perfect the texture, count, twist, color and origin of your carpet. Next we create a weaving chart to ensure that the design, color and texture perfectly match that of the original. In the end, the repaired area blends seamlessly with the rest of the rug.

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If the area in need of repair is too large, we will suggest a patching process, which will be much more cost effective. By choosing a patch we choose, fiber similar by color and design, and we always try to come close to the original design so it won't be visible to the naked eye.Through patching, Sunlight Fine Rug Care & Restoration can perfectly match the design and color of the missing area to the rest of the carpet.

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Over time, many carpets begin to lose their original shape; this is especially true of flat weaves, tapestries and needlepoint rugs.in many cases after completing a hand wash, rugs can lose their symmetrical shape, when doing blocking and stretching, we get rid of any wrinkles.
Sunlight Fine Rug Care’s gently stretch and block the carpet to retain its ideal shape.In other cases when rugs have excessive wool, or as a result of cats or dogs pulling the carpet fiber, shearing will be recommended, creating a smooth and healthy surface.

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If your carpet does not have fringing, it will eventually begin the fray at the ends.If the fringes are worn out, and there is more leverage we can use that part to re-create the fringes and make new one's, that process will follow by loop stitching on the back of the rug / fringe's to enure their stranght.
To avoid pile loss Sun-Light Fine Rug Care & Restoration, will over cast, a process that secures the rug. If the sides are worn, we use Persian binding to secure the carpet and retain its original beauty.

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When a rug is to be stored for more than a few months it should be cleaned, sprayed with insecticide, and wrapped in protective plastic or a tough synthetic paper like "Tyvek"® building paper. Don't use newspaper or common brown wrapping paper. These materials are not chemically stable (they are usually quite acidic), and do not provide the protection from insects or moisture the stored rug needs. Make sure the rug is completely dry. Think twice about using moth balls or flakes--these materials have little repellent effect, and the odor they impart to the rug can be difficult to remove. Cedar scent is useless in moth control. Store the rug in a clean, dry place out of the reach of squirrels or other rodents. Periodic inspection of the rug is strongly recommended.