Oriental Rug Style and Design

The fields inside the borders of a rug:
The decorative band outside the rug is the main border. There are guard borders alongside this band that are narrow also decorative. There is a medallion in the middle of the rug that is in the shape of a polygon, oval or circle. At the corners are some spandrels that occupy the corner fields.

The various designs of Oriental Rugs....

A great way to categorize oriental rugs is by whether they were made from city or country. In many cases Rugs made in the country are less tightly knotted than those made in the city.

A BALOUCH is a "country" rug:
Described is a hand made wool made of Vegetable dyes- this is a bold and geometric weave around 65 knots per sq.in 3'x4'7

The designs in these rugs are usually simple, geometric and bold. These rugs are made from materials availed locally. The weft and warp of many rugs is made using cotton as it is not as elastic as wool. In areas where cotton is not produced wool is used to make the weft and warp of the rugs. Those crafts man are not using as many colors as the city rugs. Vegetable dyes such as indigo and madder are still used on them.

City Rugs...

A classical hand made ISFAHAN from Iran
is considered to be a "city" rug. this is a fine machine made wool pile with Silk warp; silk inlay in the field Synthetic dyes; with floral design Weave: 440 knots per sq in. 3'6" x 5'6"

Rugs weaved by people who live in the city have the benefit of incorporating an assortment of designs as cities are usually a composition of many people with different cultures and back grounds. People from various places come to the cities with a varied background of experience and expertise which they use in the art of rug weaving. The city rugs are not weaved based on any traditions but on what will attract customers in the rug market. The colors and designs are selected for the purpose of catching the buyer’s eye. In the city, each aspect of the weaving labor is done by a specialist unlike in country weaving where all the work is done by a single individual. The business person who deals in these rugs will hire people to assist in the weaving of the rugs. If this work is done by one person alone, it will take longtime, and that will not be good for business. City rugs can have very intricate patterns and use even more than 10 colors.