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Oriental Rug Cleaning

Sun-Light Fine Rug Care & Restoration recognizes the value in gentle care. We determine our process by taking into consideration your rug's origin, period of craftsmanship, fiber content and dyes.

The Cleaning Process:

We clean oriental rugs in detail hand wash the thrall way:

1. Thrall inspection
Prior to any wash, we inspect the rug, for its origin, type of fiber, Silk, Wool, Cotton, synthetic, or if it is a mix of any. We perform a very thrall and detail examine to look for color fast, color bleed, damage that can be caused by sun, pet stains, moth damage, harsh chemical that have been used on the rug before, Halls or worn areas, that can not be seen by the naked eye, and the strength of the rug foundationץ By all those factors we determine what is the best way to wash the rug according to its condition!

2. Dusting
We thoroughly dust the rug to get rid of any minute particles; vital in preserving the price of one’s rug., normal foot traffic results in more dirt and dust than can be seen by the naked eye. Foreign material etmbedded in the pile is abrasive and will eventually cause premature wear. Our deep pile process cleans the carpet thoroughly, removing any debris that has accumulated. If necessary, we will recommend a moth-proofing process, which will further guarantee your rug’s longevity.

3. Detailed hand wash with low P.H. Balance Shampoo and water.
All rug are washed on each sides employing only the mildest soaps made from natural substances. Thorough rinsing is important to regain the richness with the colors and also to stop new dirt from accumulating prematurely. No rugs are washed with machines only by hand!

4. Grooming and Drying
We groom each and every rug by environment the pile within the proper path and gently combing the rug fringe. A sluggish drying in ambient air is utilized to protect the natural-colored dyes and also to preclude shrinkage.

5. Replenishing of Lanolin
Annual changing of Lanolin, the wools normal oil, restores the luster and suppleness from the fiber, hence rising its longevity. This approach has the added benefit of bringing out the gorgeous colors and motifs

6. Rug Softening
Once the cotton basis is softened, it is much less prone to dry rot, a widespread and dangerous issue triggered by fungi.

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Stain Removal

Heavy stains can be caused by everything from foot traffic to spills to owning a pet. If your carpet’s are heavily stained, over-the-counter products probably won’t work – and may, actually, cause more harm than good. This is when you need a professional cleaner. Sun Light Oriental Rug Care & Restoration is equipped to tackle even the toughest stains, like wine, coffee, oil, and malodorous pet stains. Our crew of expertise will carefully look into the stain, and examine it source and the best way To treat it with non toxic, natural agent, to eliminate those stains.

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Pet Stain Removal

With tough-to-tackle pet stains, such as urine, we use the following process:

  • Decontamination of urine-soaked areas
  • Disinfection and sanitization
  • Complete odor removal using special enzymes
  • Deodorization that will refresh your home with a subtle and pleasant scent.
  • Even the toughest stains are not resistant to Sun-Light Fine Rug Care & Restoration superior method of treatment.