Rug Cleaning


Fine Area rugs, modern or older should be treated carefully. Under inspection, to make sure the proper care and wash are meant for that individual rug, based on it's origin. Weather you got it from ABC OR MACY’S,Its recommend to leave the care of those precious rugs to our experts.

Certain Oriental rugs need very special treatment, such as silk rugs, which cannot be washed in the same way as other Oriental rugs. For these, we recommend dry cleaning.

Sun Light Fine Rug Care & Restoration recognizes the value in gentle care. We determine our process by taking into consideration your rug's origin, period of craftsmanship, fiber content and dyes.

We clean area rugs the old-fashioned way:

  • First, we thoroughly dust the rug to get rid of any minute particles; normal foot traffic results in more dirt and dust than can be seen by the naked eye. Foreign material imbedded in the pile is abrasive and will eventually cause premature wear.
  • If their is any need we soak the rug in a special bath to get rid off, any soil and excessive dust.
  • Our deep pile process cleans the carpet thoroughly, removing any debris that has accumulated.
  • If necessary, we will recommend a mothproofing process, which will further guarantee your rug’s longevity.

​Area rug can vary. Very often we tend to get confused between Area rugs that are made by hand and Area rugs that are made by machine as well as Area rugs verses Oriental rugs. Area rugs can be made by hand like the Tufted Area rugs who are made by gluing the fiber onto a canvas backing piece by piece. Tufted Area rug cleaning should be very carefully done and prior to any wash they should be carefully checked, why? The canvas is been glued to the rug, many time a manufacture will use a cheap glue, and as a result after a while the glue will dry and turn to dust when washing an Area rug Tufted in that condition the glue will disintegrated and most likely the canvas will be ruined, and will have to be replaced.

Another type of of Area rug cleaning method is, hand care using hand tolls.
We soak the rug from both sides making the rug susceptible and softening his pile so its easier to work with and clean.
Other Area rugs could be machine made rugs, that is the main different between an Area rug to an Oriental rug. Those type of rugs can be washed in home. An Area rug cleaning task could be much more simple that way due to the fact that the rug is not being picked up to a facility and going through all the cleaning stages we perform like in our Oriental rug cleaning process. It is more simple however not equally as thrall.

We inject clean soaps into the rug and extract tech dirty water back into the machine, our state of the art equipment will assure the best result for your Area rug when choosing that method. choosing our detail hand wash can also suite a machine made rug, rest assure you will be happy with both of your options!

Belgium Oriental rugs often will be confused with Area rugs, they are machine made rugs, and are similar in their design to Oriental rugs.

Other modern Area rugs are case to case and best to be checked by one of our professional staff members.